Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nicole & Nikola - Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

We were so honored to be able to capture Nicole and Nikola's amazing Serbian wedding. The day was filled with special moments and incredible traditions. Nicole spent more than two hours with me explaining all the details and I enjoyed spending that time with her because I got to learn so much about the two of them as a couple.

I started the day early with Nicole at her parent's house where she got ready and where her family gathered for the SKUP (pre-wedding festivities) which included food, dance and bartering for the bride's hand. Her family is so incredibly sweet and the food was amazing. Nicole was hoping to have a goat there too for the bartering part of the day but had to settle for cash as her father wasn't sure what they would do with a goat.

Then it was off to the beautiful St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral. If you have never had the great opportunity to see this church, you are truly missing out. I wish I could have stayed a little longer just to walk around and check out the amazing detail of the decor. Now this is the one and only time we were allowed and encouraged to be on the alter! Yes, they let us get that close and I must admit I felt like I was being a little naughty being up there but it did make for some incredible photos. The ceremony is followed by Kolo dancing with the wedding party and guests and coins being tossed for luck.

Nicole and Nikola, thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your special day.

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  1. Ooooh! This is one of my all time favorites of yours! The ceremony location is insanely beautiful.